Kipling Solid has been an exercise professional for two decades. Kipling has a degree in Corporate Fitness and is a fully certified instructor in the Pilates Method through Body in Balance, under Fran Ahrens of the Pilates Center, Boulder, CO. In addition, Kipling has countless accredited hours of advanced Pilates certification under the tutelage of Michael Miller Pilates.

Her passion for fitness began with an introduction to body building in college. Her professional career began in corporations throughout Chicago as a Wellness Coordinator. Kipling has designed the exercise standards for fitness centers, but her focus quickly turned toward realizing her love for rehabilitating injuries. She worked with chiropractors who referred clients to her for supportive rehab for back injuries.

The demand for specific, individualized treatment of sports and age related injuries narrowed her attention and was the impetus for starting her own personal fitness business. She was among the first companies in Chicago to establish an in-home personal training business called Solid Bodies Personal Training Corporation.

Kipling is also trained in the 1, 2, 3 Be Activated technique, where applying a diagnostic technique that focuses on teaching the client how to self-activate, diaphragm breathing, muscle testing, and muscle activation. She offers a new class called 1, 2, 3 Be Activated, (for privates & duets). <close>


Kipling is the originator of her own Mat Springs DVD
(Mat with Roll-down Bar DVD, and Advanced Mat Roller DVD). She is currently working on other innovative DVD’s that support the classical Mat work. She has successfully incorporated her technical and observational knowledge of the human body in the DVD’s you that you can check out and purchase on her Retail Lounge page.

Kipling states, “I have explored ways of experiencing the mat exercises supported through all of the Pilates apparatus.” “And states her creative wheels are always churning.”
Kipling is currently working to develop workshops so that teachers can apply her Mat Springs and Mat Roller work as an option for group classes in their studios.

Kipling launched the first
TEACHER FORUM in 2008 with Stephanie Considine, owner of Riverside Pilates Studio, Riverside, IL. The teacher forum is designed to allow teachers of all backgrounds to connect. It is an opportunity for teachers to participate in a mat class, tackle challenges, to capture future opportunities and to engage in discussions on various topics relating to the Pilates industry while getting to know each other and networking.

As Workshop Coordinator, Kipling brings teachers together giving different studios an opportunity to host the Teacher Forum and sharpen their teaching skills in the world of Pilates.
“Being equipped with information is powerful, whatever the background. There are treasures of insights from teachers and clients around us. Our personal growth happens when we are ready to listen.” -- Kipling

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