Each class format is designed specifically for the person or people
             involved, with careful attention to individual skill level. Kipling
                     offers 55 minute classes for private and duets - pair of individuals.

Private Lessons
The most specialized and effective way to approach the method, is to understand your own unique needs.

Semi-Private or Duet Classes

This class is limited to two participants and is designed specifically with technical guidance yet the freedom to move and explore your own autonomy.
    Please note: For duets, you must have similar levels of experience
        or complete 5 private lessons in studio if you are new to Pilates.

Introduction to Mat, Intermediate Mat and Advanced Mat
Is an energetic and inspiring way to work on breath coordination, flowing and rhythmic movement, and core awareness. Mat work, the culmination and root of the method, is designed to create and demonstrate an autonomously moving and responsive body (This class is limited to 4-8 participants. In addition, Mat class levels are determined according to the average experience of class participants).

Barre Class
This workout combines the muscle-shaping and posture-enhancing principles of Pilates with the fat-burning format of interval training that results in sculpted, yet elongated muscles, improved posture, and provides a vigorous springboard for your other Pilates classes.
NEW! Hybrid (Pilates + Barre exercises in one session)      
        Integrating exploration of Pilates and ballet barre exercises.

Muscle Activation
This is a powerful series developed by Douglas Heel. Muscle activation is a sequence of hands-on techniques that bring instant improvements in movement, reduction in pain, and increased function.
NEW! 1,2,3 Be Activated (45 minute individual sessions or until activated)







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